Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Bridal Statement Cuff Bracelet

Bridal Statement Cuff Bracelet

bridal statement cuff bracelet SenoritaJoya
#ivorywedding #bridalcuff #goldaccents #glamourbride

bridal statement cuff bracelet SenoritaJoya
Newbie... :) Silver and Gold Statement Bridal Cuff Bracelet
#weddingstyle #goldwedding #statementjewelry #bridalcuff #bridalbracelet #crystals #pearls #petals #beadedbracelet #senoritajoya

Monday, June 30, 2014

Rustic Chic Floral Hair Pin

bridal haor pin SenoritaJoya

Bridal hairband with lovely #floral and #leafy adornment w/ #crystals & Japanese #miyukibeads ♥
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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Ivory lace bridal hairband

bridal hairband senoritajoya.etsy.com

bridal hairband senoritajoya.etsy.com

Bridal hairband with lovely #ivory floral lace, clear #crystals & Japanese #miyukibeads ♥
#bridalfashion #weddingstyle #bridalheadpiece #lacewedding #ivorywedding #etsy #engaged

Monday, April 28, 2014

Rome - we love you

Rome - we love you

I've returned from a much-needed little vacation.. a few days in Italy, Rome.
It was wonderful of course. It was my first experience with the city and I can tell you it has a warm and cozy attitude for all who live in a big city and love gorgeous (and really big!) buildings.
Travel is something that I've long considered to be a great adventure and I can recommend for everybody who has the opportunity: DO TRAVEL! :)

view of Piazza San Pietro Roma

About a month ago, in the beginning of March, we've decided that we very much needed a get-away. So, in a rather spur-of-the-moment mood, we booked it.
Originally, we've planned this trip after our wedding last summer. And then, we thought Rome isn't really for hot summer vacation - nor any other big cities - walk all day to see the as much as possible from a city is need spring or autumn.
We stayed in a fantastic little B&B (bed and breakfast) which I highly recommend to anyone visiting Rome and would like to stay close to the city centre; Gregorius Close to St. Peter's, in Via Gregorio VII, only a few bus stops from Vatican City and downtown of Rome. Maria - our host lady - at the place was friendly and accommodating, our room was tidy and clean. 

our room in Rome

In some of the museums you aren't supposed to take photos anymore. I especially love the Renaissance art - buildings, paintings, sculptures - everything! When I was in high school, I took every art history class as a journey to that period. My Renaissance Art classes were some of my favorites and it was the first time I went to Italy and saw of that art in person, I felt the spirit behind them. The paintings has so much gorgeous details, gold and ornamentation - wow!!! All that beautiful living, bold colors and gold! ...bright blues and deep reds. So, we saw lots of that stuff, and have some pretty pics - but these pics can not bring back the feeling of the real art pieces. Vatican Museums (you go in like: OK, it'll be one big museum. But. It is like you see 5-6 museums built together!!!) You need a day - yes, a whole day - for the visit to see each room of it and not only run through them...

Me :)

On the floor - beautiful mosaics

looking up

a small detail of a painted wooden case

With all of the treasures inside the museums, there is just as much on the streets and in the many many churches and palaces. Besides the paintings of halos, I felt myself very lucky to see them... all of the beautiful frescoes and decorative ceilings. The amount of detail and the age of these works of art in this city is just gorgeous.

This sculpture had real duck face :))) so I did it too ;)
Selfie in front of ancient ruins

We had so much fun! Let's travel to Rome Lovelies! :)
Enjoy your day, xo

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A happy bride, April

Hi lovelies,

March is so sunny and cheerful this year, isn't it? :) I'm celebreating spring by having a fruity rice dessert with tons of  whipped cream, yumm.

Plus I've just received an e-mail from a March-bride, April. :))) I'm always feeling so glad when I receive questions, custom request from a bride-to-be, I'm even more glad when I can see them wearing the finished jewelry or hair piece!!! I mean real wedding pictures are always have so much more inside, than just a model-photo: in my opinion brides have so much love around themselves on their wedding day, that they shining from inside with reflected light from a thousand-watt spotlight. And this effect can't be replaced by anything.

And now please meet April, she's a real bride (and a fresh wife by now) - she just had her 'I do' in March 2014. Very fresh!!! :)

I've just received some appreciation pictures from April. She chose my "Blue Bird of Happiness Boho Wedding Jewelry Set" for her special day to wear it as something blue. She created her wedding dress with her beloved mom, as you can see on pic: it is a white boho daisy dress - and so pretty! I'm sure they made their wedding memorable.

Up there on the photo - which is my fav pic from April: she's standing before a huge mirror checking her hair adornments. ...and she's of course wearing the blue bird necklace already ;)
She has a big & beautiful smile - which shows how she felt herself on her big day. It's so good to see brides like this!!! :)

Thank you so much April for sharing this great picture with me!!!

Enjoy your day,

Saturday, March 1, 2014

What an Etsy Thursday! :)

Hi Lovelies,

I had an amazing Thursday this week on Etsy... On 27th February my little shop on Etsy had such a great number of views that even Etsy sent me an e-mail to let me know - something is about to happening right now.

Exciting news: We've noticed an increase in visits to one of your listings. A spike in traffic might mean that your item is being featured on Etsy or somewhere else online. Take a peek at where that traffic is coming from.

And yes, I've found out by checking my shop statistics that one of my item has so many views and hearts that there have to be a featuring for it somewhere... I could only find that sweet treasury could this be which was curated by Yann Photographer (Paris) a day before: you cab check out this romantic treasury list here. And yes, it was a front page treasury for sure - even if I could not see it. It called "history of magic" and has a dreamy mood which is my all time fav!!! I'd like to say thank you Yann for selecting my ivory bridal hair comb to this sweet dreamy collection! 

Treasury on Etsy's fornt page

 ...and I'm sure that this success can happen in great part due to my beautiful model, Fruzsi - who wears my hair comb like a queen. The dreamiest young lady I ever met :)

Yann's Etsy shop

Enjoy your day,

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Navy Blue and Coral Wedding Idea

Navy Blue and Coral Wedding Idea

How lovely could be Navy Blue and Coral together? Yes, I think it's a nice choice for a wedding: elegant, fresh and could match both a bride's and the groom's accessories and look! :)

Visit Groom's Corner on Etsy for boutonnieres like these.

Enjoy your day, xo